Tim Burton’s Failed Version of Superman Called a ‘Psychological Trauma’

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Jonathan A. Dan Gilroy, the screenwriter behind the Nicolas Cage and Tim Burton’s version of Superman reveals details behind the failed production. The Tim Burton/Nicolas Cage Superman movie was expected to hit theaters in the 1990s. But, the movie was later scrapped leaving behind rumors, and speculation as to why the movie was canceled. Twenty years later, […]

Situation Update – Beckley VA Medical Center

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Veterans Health Administration Update:
VISN 06 – Beckley VA Medical Center – Emergency Notifications
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Situation Update – Beckley VA Medical Center
10/30/2014 03:00 PM EDT

Beckley VA Medical Center is working under normal operational conditions. For more information about the medical center call 304-255-2121.

The VA Greenbrier County Community Based Outpatient Clinic is currently closed with Veterans being seen at the medical center. For specific information regarding the Greenbrier CBOC call 304-497-3900 or 304-255-2121.

Prepare. Plan. Stay Informed. Visit www.ready.gov to learn about preparedness kits, family emergency plan, and more.

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Topshop mannequin causes a Twitter storm by Tim Chester of Mashable




LONDON – Topshop has found itself at the centre of a Twitter storm this week after a shopper tweeted a photo of an in-store mannequin with long, skinny legs

Becky Hopper posted a photo of her friend, who is a size 8 – 10 (4 – 6 in the U.S.), next to the dummy with the hashtag #poorbodyimage. Her tweet has been retweeted over 8,000 times.

Text of tweet here

— BeckyLHopper October 27, 2014

Hopper has since been inundated with messages, most of which were supportive, while a minority accused her of body shaming slimmer girls, a charge she has refuted on her blog. The tweet has inspired others on Twitter to post similar pictures. Read more…

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NASA finishes building its Mars-bound Orion spacecraft by Stan Schroeder of Mashable




Humanity is one step closer to reaching Mars. NASA finished up its Orion Spacecraft Thursday, and it’s preparing for a test flight on Dec. 4

When Orion launches in December, aboard a Delta IV Heavy rocket, it will complete a 4.5-hour, two-orbit test flight.

The flight will really put Orion to the test. NASA says the spacecraft will return to Earth at speeds of more than 20,000 mph. Those speeds will generate temperatures up to 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit, the agency says.

In future, missions Orion will be used as part of NASA’s Space Launch System, the world’s most powerful rocket. The SLS will be the vehicle of choice to take astronauts to an asteroid and on to Mars. Read more…

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How Paul Allen’s $7 million and big data are combating Africa’s elephant crisis by Kate Sommers-Dawes of Mashable




Africa’s elephant population is in crisis

Some 30,000 were killed for their tusks in 2012, according to the International Fund for Animal Welfare, and by some estimates, the population could be decimated in a decade if poaching continues at this rate.

That’s where Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen’s Great Elephant Census, the project he started with a $7.3 million grant and a partnership with the Botswana nonprofit Elephants Without Borders, comes in.

Nobody knows exactly how many elephants are left in Africa, which makes them extremely difficult to track and protect from poachers and other threats. The GEC seeks to solve that problem by counting the continent’s savanna elephants, living and dead, over two years. The idea is that, with accurate count data, researchers and policy makers not only will know how big the population is, but better understand the pachyderms’ dynamics as a species. That, in theory, will make the dwindling population easier to protect. Read more…

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4 mistakes to avoid when hiring millennials by BusinessNewsDaily of Mashable




As more millennials continue to enter the workforce, employers are increasingly turning their attention to recruiting them. But if employers think Generation Y workers will respond to the same old tactics they used in years past, they may want to think again: Millennials aren’t always the easiest to recruit.

“[According to a Kauffman study], 54% of millennials either want to start a business or already have started one,” said Ryan Jenkins, millennial keynote speaker and author. “As technology and the Internet enable new avenues for entrepreneurship, not only do recruiters have to compete against other companies wooing young talent but now have to also compete with millennials’ passion and entrepreneurial aspirations.” Read more…

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10 insanely realistic Sims and Sim City creations by Yohana Desta of Mashable




Virtual reality isn’t real enough for some Sims and Sim City fans.

The simulation video game franchises let users simulate real life, creating human-like characters and helping them live their daily lives. Gamers can control nearly everything, from custom-building characters to designing the homes around them.

Some particularly skilled gamers need more, though. A character or a home isn’t enough — they want to build entire worlds

Gamers have taken inspiration from fiction, creating Sims versions of shows like Seinfeld or Orange Is the New Black, while others have made completely new worlds in Sim City, like the perfect, gargantuan Magnasanti Read more…

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Russian action star in hot water after eastern Ukraine shooting by Christopher Miller of Mashable




DONETSK, Ukraine – A Russian action film star is in hot water after he was caught on film wearing press gear while firing a machine gun toward Ukrainian lines with Moscow-backed rebels at Donetsk airport.

In the video released by the rebels’ NovorossiaTV on Oct. 30, the barrel-chested Mikhail Porechenkov is heard saying, “ceasefire,” before opens fire with a mounted machine gun at the airport, grinning widely. Afterward, he poses for a photograph with the fighters, wearing a blue helmet and vest marked with “PRESS.”

“For the fighters at combat positions at the airport, this visit was a big surprise and definitely an enjoyable event,” reads the Russian text in the video’s description.

Read more…

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