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Florida Gov. Rick Scott speaks at CPAC FL, 2011.

Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL)

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Florida Gov. Rick Scott really had a bang-up debate Tuesday. In addition to energetically dodging the question of whether he knew that he delayed an execution so that Attorney General Pam Bondi could attend a political fundraiser, he showed off his concern for low-wage workers and in-depth knowledge of economic issues. Or, more specifically, he showed off his total lack of concern and in-depth knowledge.

The question was “Do you support the concept of a minimum wage?” Which is a question that has to be asked of Republican politicians, since many of them don’t. Scott’s answer was a glib “sure.” It looked like he was ready to keep talking, but the follow-up question beat him to the punch: “What should it be?”

“How would I know? I mean, the private sector decides wages.

Answering this, Scott briefly let his debate face drop in his sheer irritation at being asked what the minimum wage should be. “How would I know?” Gosh, I don’t know, you’re the governor, you do have a say in these things. It’s not crazy to expect you to have an opinion, possibly even an informed one.

Also, “sure,” Scott supports the concept of a minimum wage, but the reason he doesn’t know what the minimum wage should be is that “the private sector decides wages.” Except that in the case of the minimum wage, the private sector does not decide, so it seems like Scott may have been missing the point here. Or, more likely, was knocked off his talking points by an unexpected framing of the minimum wage question, and didn’t bother making a whole lot of sense as he scrambled to get back to the talking points.

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Republican governors have really been on a minimum wage roll, from Scott Walker’s “I don’t think it serves a purpose” to Chris Christie’s “I’m tired of hearing about the minimum wage,” and Scott’s “How should I know” certainly belongs on the greatest hits list.

Canadian Parliament on Lockdown After Reports of Active Shooter by Brian Ries of Mashable




Mashable is following reports of a shooting on Ottawa’s Parliament Hill. Here’s the latest:

3 things you need to know:

  • A soldier was shot at Ottawa’s War Memorial
  • Members of Parliament reported hearing multiple shots fired inside the Parliament building.
  • Police say the shooter is still on the loose.
  • Watch CBC’s livestream


    Canada’s Parliament building is on lockdown Wednesday morning amid reports of an active shooter on Ottawa’s Parliament Hill.

    The incident began when a man, described by CBC Ottawa as a soldier standing guard, was shot at the city’s War Memorial. Moments later, shots were reported inside the Parliament building. Read more…

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    Tim Cook Meets With Top Chinese Official After iCloud Hack by Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai of Mashable




    Just two days after China was accused of trying to steal Chinese users’ iCloud logins and passwords with a sophisticated cyberattack, Apple CEO Tim Cook traveled there for a high-level meeting with a government official.

    Details of the meeting are murky, but Cook met with Chinese Vice Premier Ma Kai on Wednesday to exchange “views on protection of users’ information, and “views on strengthening cooperation in information and communication fields,” according to China’s state-run Xinhua news agency. Their meeting took place in Zhongnanhai, in central Beijing, the heart of the Communist Party of China. Read more…

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    Titanfall promises big update news this afternoon by Owen S. Good of Polygon – All


    At 1 p.m. ET today, Respawn Entertainment will reveal the “biggest update” so far for Titanfall, the Xbox and PC exclusive that launched back in March.

    The news will be carried live on Titanfall’official Twitch channel. No other details were made available, including whether this is a free update or premium DLC.

    Titanfall has seen three DLC updates since its launch more than six months ago, the last one being IMC Rising, which arrived for Windows PC and Xbox One (but not Xbox 360) in September.

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    America’s Great Outdoors Tumblr updates

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    Fall colors are cropping up all around Great Smoky Mountains…
    10/22/2014 10:42 AM EDT


    Fall colors are cropping up all around Great Smoky Mountains National Park! Kent Cave captured this photo of The Sinks — a scenic area of cascades and deep pools along Little River Road — where the trees are bursting with beautiful oranges, reds and yellows.

    Photo by National Park Service.

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    News Release: EPA Requiring BMW to Correct Fuel Economy Labels for Four Mini Cooper Vehicles

    Christie St. Clair (News Media only)
    (202) 564-2880

    Oct. 22, 2014

    EPA Requiring BMW to Correct Fuel Economy Labels for Four Mini Cooper Vehicles

    Washington — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is revising estimates for four 2014 BMW Mini Cooper vehicles to ensure consumers are given accurate fuel economy values.

    The EPA performed a fuel economy audit on the BMW Mini Cooper and obtained values that differed from those BMW submitted to EPA for certification. With EPA oversight, BMW conducted new emissions and fuel economy testing, and EPA conducted its own testing at its National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory in Ann Arbor, Michigan. As a result of this subsequent testing, EPA is requiring BMW to relabel four of its 2014 Mini Cooper models with lower fuel economy values.

    The specific changes to fuel economy stickers are listed in the table below.

    2014 BMW Mini Cooper Fuel Economy Value Updates

    Old Label Values New Label Values
    Model Transmission Combined (mpg) City
    Highway (mpg) Combined (mpg) City (mpg) Highway (mpg)
    Cooper 3-door MT 34 30 42 33 29 40
    Cooper 3-door Semi-Auto 33 29 40 32 28 39
    Cooper S 3-door MT 29 25 38 28 24 34
    Cooper S 3-door Semi-Auto 31 27 38 30 26 35

    “Fuel economy values matter to consumers and automakers,” said Christopher Grundler, director of EPA’s Office of Transportation and Air Quality. “To provide consumers with the most accurate, reliable and repeatable fuel economy values, we are continuing to strengthen our oversight to ensure fair competition among automakers.”

    EPA’s National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory conducts fuel economy testing on vehicles each year to ensure that their performance matches the mileage and emissions data automakers submit to EPA. These audits are part of the oversight program that helps ensure all carmakers are following the same procedures for calculating mileage estimates. The oversight program also helps the EPA verify that vehicles on the road meet national tailpipe emission standards to protect public health and the environment.

    More information on today’s update: www.epa.gov/fueleconomy/updates.htm

    Updated fuel economy values are also available on the joint EPA and the Department of Energy website: www.fueleconomy.gov.


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