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29 South Harrisburg Avenue, Atlantic City NJ
Est. payment: $1,057/mo
6bd, 3 full ba

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5602 Burk Avenue, Ventnor City NJ
Est. payment: $634/mo
2bd, 1 full ba

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6 Villanova Court, Egg Harbor Township NJ
Est. payment: $2,349/mo
4bd, 2 full ba

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Q2 Malware Storm Wreaks 15 Million New Samples

By September 01, 2014 at 10:43AM http://ift.tt/1tnGXjF

Q2 Malware Storm Wreaks 15 Million New Samples

A staggering 15 million new malware samples were generated in the second quarter of this year, with trojans once again accounting for the majority, but Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) showing a major growth spurt, according to Panda Security.

The Spanish security vendor’s PandaLabs research arm revealed the figures in its Quarterly Report for Q2, claiming that over those three months, a whopping 160,000 new samples were created every day.

Some 58.2% of newly created threats were trojans, a drop from Q1 but only because of the rise in PUPs (24.77%), it said.

The report explained the following:

“This increase in the number of PUPs is not by chance. Over recent months we have witnessed a significant increase in the creation of software bundlers, programs that install PUPs on computers along with the programs that the user actually wants to install – without asking for the user’s consent. Although these bundlers have been around for some time, new companies have sprung up who exploit these programs and profit from installing unwanted software without properly informing the user.”

When it comes to regional stats, China (51%) once again had the highest infection rate of any country.

Aside from Japan, which had an infection rate of 24.2%, the ten countries least affected by malware were European.

The UK came halfway down that list with 25% – well below the global average of 37%.

PandaLabs also noted an increase in attacks on iOS users during the quarter, specifically calling out a new piece of Chinese malware targeting unlocked iPhones and designed to steal user credentials.

Another high profile attack targeting Apple users in May demanded a ransom payment after locking their devices via 'Find my iPhone' technology.

There was good news in the quarter, however, with the FBI and the UK’s NCA temporarily disrupting the infamous Gameover Zeus botnet, allowing users to remediate their machines and install more effective security software.

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Implanted Sensor Could Monitor Glaucoma and Prevent Blindness by The Conversation of Mashable




Scientists have proposed a way to monitor glaucoma using a tiny device implanted in the eye. Readings from the device could be monitored by a smartphone. The technology could help prevent some people from going blind.

Glaucoma describes a group of eye diseases in which there is progressive damage to the optic nerve. This nerve connects the retina to the brain, and damage to it causes a person to lose peripheral vision.

What makes glaucoma a dangerous disease, however, is that this sort of vision loss is asymptomatic. So people often do not know they are suffering from loss of peripheral vision. This is because the brain does an incredible job of filling in the missing parts of vision and also one eye compensates for the damage in the other. Read more…

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Hardware Device of the Year: Meet the CuBox-i with Incredible PBX for Ubuntu: by ward

Nerd Vittles – http://ift.tt/1r3pCtQ
It’s been many years since we’ve written back-to-back articles about the same device. That should tell you how really special the CuBox-i is. After two weeks of 14-hour days developing the new Incredible PBX platform for CuBox, we are thrilled to crown this jewel as Nerd Vittles Hardware Device of the Year. Flawless design, incredible […]

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New Round of Ukraine Talks to Be Held in Belarus by The Associated Press of Mashable




MOSCOW — With a new round of talks on easing the crisis in Ukraine about to start, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has called on the participants to push for a cease-fire between Ukrainian government troops and separatist forces.

The talks between the so-called contact group are being held Monday in Minsk, the Belarusian capital.

Speaking to students at Moscow State Institute of International Relation, Lavrov said the priority of the talks should be reaching agreement on an immediate unconditional cease-fire.

A representative of the Russia-backed separatists, Andrei Purgin, told the Interfax news agency that their priority was to win recognition of their independence in eastern Ukraine, which has a large Russian-speaking population. He said they also were willing to discuss the exchange of prisoners and a temporary cease-fire. Read more…

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There Are No Descendants Left From the First Eskimos by LiveScience of Mashable




Ancient human DNA is shedding light on the peopling of the Arctic region of the Americas, revealing that the first people there did not leave any genetic descendants in the New World, unlike previously thought.

The study’s researchers suggest the first group of people in the New World Arctic may have lived in near-isolation for more than 4,000 years because of a mindset that eschewed adopting new ideas. It remains a mystery why they ultimately died off, they added.

The first people in the Arctic of the Americas may have arrived about 6,000 years ago, crossing the Bering Strait from Siberia. The area was the last region of the New World that humans populated due to its harsh and frigid nature. Read more…

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Australia Government Buys Bombproof BMW Fleet for G20 Summit by Jenni Ryall of Mashable




SYDNEY — The Australia Prime Minister has ordered a fleet of bombproof BMWs to protect leaders during the G20 summit this year.

The $6.2 million fleet can withstand AK47 fire, attacks with explosive devices or armour-piercing weapons.

“The optimised-armour plates are made from an incredibly strong special steel, and fit the bodywork of the car like a second skin,” car manufacturer BMW said on their website. “And reducing the number of components also increases the level of protection for the occupants, as there are far fewer potential points of vulnerability.” Read more…

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