India Has a Chance to Make History With Mars Mission by Patrick Kulp of Mashable



India’s space program could establish a series of firsts this Wednesday when it attempts to enter its Mangalyaan space probe into Mars’s orbit.

If successful, India will become the first country to reach Mars’ orbit on a maiden venture and the first Asian country to launch a successful Mars mission, all with a much cheaper price tag than any Mars mission before it.

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India Space Research Organisation launched the small unmanned satellite Mangalyaan (Hindi for “Mars craft”) in November of last year. The probe has spent the last 300 days journeying more than 420 million miles between Earth and the Red Planet at a speed of 13.7 miles per second. Read more…

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Clint Smith: The Danger Of Silence And Finding The Courage To Speak Up About Injustice by Christine / September 3, 2014

from Black Like Moi – Part of the Your Black World Network

Clint Smith is a young poet, activist and educator from New Orleans, Louisiana. He graduated from Davidson College with an English degree in 2010. While at Davidson, he founded FreeWord, the school’s first slam poetry team. Smith helped lead the team to a top ten finish at the College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational. Using his skills as a spoken word artist and poet, Smith spent time living in Soweto, South Africa working to educate youth there about HIV/AIDS by using soccer and spoken word to reach them. –
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Why Khorasan May Be a Bigger Threat to the U.S. Than ISIS by Colin Daileda of Mashable



The Khorasan Group may be a bigger threat to the United States than the Islamic State, according to multiple reports.

This group of al-Qaeda affiliates is tiny by comparison to ISIS and doesn’t wield anything close to the same military capability. But Khorasan’s extremists are much more sophisticated plotters, and they may have been at work designing new-age explosives built to pass undetected through airport screenings

Khorasan extremists also think more like the al-Qaeda that Americans are familiar with. They have their eyes on assaulting western targets, whereas ISIS is more focused on its surrounding foes Read more…

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Faffcon 7- My Experience: by Bobbin Beam

Bobbin Beam – Female Voice Over Talent and ISDN Voice Actress media September 23, 2014 at 08:57PM – follow

I’m just back home from Faffcon 7, the VoiceOver un conference which took place over the weekend in Tucson, Arizona. This was my fourth. I was also at the first, fourth, sixth, and now the seventh. I equate Faffcon to a think-tank weekend of rich exchanges from the best of the best. Our leader Amy Snively hand selects and vets attendees as each event is limited to around 100 on purpose to promote small groups and big idea exchanges.

A lot of smart people, my peers came and I’m happy to say they are all friends by virtue of the fact that we had the commonality of and passion for voiceover along with all of our individual creative and diverse interests and strengths. And all are pretty well along in their careers. We are a community of creative thinkers and voiceover innovators.

The best thing is the agenda. When we arrive there is no agenda. It is set and selected by attendees, a reflection of our expertise in areas of performance, technical and business, and what’s on our minds we are seeking answers for, today. The chances are always 100% that someone either has that answer, or we’ll somehow over the course of the weekend find it within ourselves.

The site was the beautiful Westward Look Wyndham hotel resort and spa in Tucson. It is a lovely setting with abundant wildlife, butterfly garden, paths, valleys, mountains, pools and fruitful and stimulating conversations, yielding a treasure of positive memories and myriad to do’s for attendees to take home.

I took this photo the morning on the last day of  my Faffcon adventure.

Thursday was arrival day. After 6 plus hours in the plane to get there I was ready for a spa treatment and a massage and facial that were simply delicious. The facial left my skin feel smooth as a baby’s bottom and I was as relaxed as jelly after that massage the remainder of the day. Ahhhhhh.

Friday morning started with a 90 minute horseback ride on a sassy mustang named Fairchild. Friday afternoon and evening consisted of meetings and hanging out with everyone I could. It was so great to see them again! I call them my Faff Family.

One of the most significant and critical reasons for me to attend Faffcon is the people. We are so happy to see each other because most of us work alone, solitary and the online groups don’t compare to real FaceTime with our fellow voiceover tribe members. Those are the ones who fully understand the joy of it all. Us. Creative artisans, together, unleashed!

I’d never presented at Faffcon before. As a founding member, it seemed odd that I had not done so at former events, so  it was truly a spur of the moment decision  to propose a session to lead.  I have a few strong contrarian opinions I’ll express here at Bobbin’s Blog, and I don’t sell anything like voiceover classes and coaching,  so this was uncharted territory for me. I however,  feel I am a thought-leader and don’t fall for everything I see on the internet or what is “trendy”.  So I like to stand up and help people from falling down a rabbit hole by voicing  and sharing alternate opinions for them to consider.

I decided to share a few highlights that resonated with me from a twelve-week course I’d invested in this summer  created by my mentor, Darren Hardy on Insane Productivity.

My Faffcon Presentation was very well attended. In fact, I was told that 63 out of 110 attendees were in the room. We had to keep opening up the circle and adding more chairs. A full house!  Then they all blew my mind when they started singing to me, “We love you Bobbin oh yes we do….”  I was stunned, surprised and elated. I was also a little nervous.

I regained my composure and  launched into a few key insights that have helped me take my VoiceOver business to the next level to become insanely productive, sanely.  Of course I acknowledged my inspiring mentor, Darren Hardy, publisher of Success Magazine.  Feedback was overwhelmingly positive. I am grateful if I was able to help those seeking it to find a new direction for their business that will benefit them and their goals. It just feels so good.

Last night a group of us went out for some delicious Mexican food. How wonderful to break bread with such awesome and talented people.  I had a recording session back at my home studio Monday so I had to depart Sunday Morning , but made it a point to say good bye and hug as many as possible . Until next time we may meet…

The rising tide lifts all boats. When We learn, we teach, we share, we grow.

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Welding Accident Causes Wharf Fire That Shuts Down LA Port, Nearby School by The Associated Press of Mashable



LOS ANGELES — A fire that raged overnight on the underside of an old wooden wharf was finally quelled Tuesday, but not before all container terminals at the Port of Los Angeles and several in adjacent Long Beach harbor were shut down because of worries about unhealthy smoke.

Concern about the plume from burning creosote-preserved timber in the pre-World War II wharf also triggered a precautionary evacuation of a port-area elementary school and advice to residents to stay indoors.

The eight Port of Los Angeles terminals were to remain closed until the 6 p.m. night shift, port spokesman Phillip Sanfield said. He estimated a few thousand employees, mostly longshore workers, were sent home. At the neighboring Port of Long Beach, three of six cargo terminals were shut down. Read more…

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