What does it mean to play chaperone in someone else’s life?

That was the central question of Sunday night’s episode of Mad Men, which finally saw Don’s return to the SC&P office. Titled Field Trip, the episode opens with Don in a movie theater by himself, watching Jacques Demy’s film Model Shop. Though a clip of Model Shop was only shown for a brief moment, Mad Men creator Matt Weiner remains calculated when it comes the period-relevant texts woven into the AMC series.

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Model Shop, released in 1969, centers on a young man whose unemployment and listlessness create a rift between him and his actress-girlfriend in Los Angeles. The man begins an affair with an older French model, who understands his problems. Don watches the movie unfold on the theater screen, lost likely in the parallels between the film and his own life, ones that pan out as the episode carries on. Read more…

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